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Philharmonie Berlin, Herbert-von-Karajan-Straße, Berlin, Germany

Bodies was my first project for a music show. And my debut at the concert lighting could not be better. Kat Frankie invited me to develop a lighting concept that would bring theatrical and poetic choices from my practice into a musical stage. The concept was clear: support the narrative of the songs with clear gestures but without too much stimuli that could distract the audience from the songs. There are eight singers on the stage without any instruments and their voices, the delicate atmosphere keeps the audience attentive and concentrated in every second of the show, and the lighting movement and choices are always supporting the attention and moving with the music to bring the whole space together with the singers.

The show is variated in terms of positioning and music quality, and the lighting has some very different scenes for some songs to others. The lighting has humor and plays with their movements in some songs, makes intesities games when the group is separated from Kat, and brings very theatrical visuals with strong spots in some epic moments.

Bodies played in venues like the Berliner Philarmoie, Elbi Philarmonie (Hamburg), Isarphilarmonie(Munich), Desdren Kulturpalast, Wolfsburg Scharoun Theater. The architecture of the spaces around the stage is always the perfect framing for a stage lighting designer that came from architecture. My goal is always to bring the whole room to the show, move with it, make sure that all of us are in the same room, at the same time, in those remarkable nights.

Photographer: Anna Wyszomierska, Lisa Ramacher, Laura Schepers, Timothy Wiehn
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