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Berlin, Germany - Hebbel Am Ufer

Mimimi was a project that included one dance play and tree encounters to discuss and share thoughts about racism in the dance field. The dance play, called Cleanse, had six BIPOC performers on stage sharing their own stories, and discussing blackness through movement and dance. The space in which the performance was settled was the Ori, a space of the Orixás spirituality. The lighting had the role, then, to bring this spiritual place in which our consciousness and nature meet, in the places where black ancestrality is celebrated.

The lighting brought this space to the stage trough the use of gobos and geometric on all the surfaces of the space, bringing a magic light to the surroundings, changing the perception of what is real.

Another challenge on this project was to work on a lighting that could bring the different color tones of the dancers to a similar aesthetic but to value their individual skin tones, as a way to value the stories they carry on their own skin.

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Photographer: Tito Casal
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