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Colors in Between

Colors in between is an ongoing research project about the relation between lighting and BIPOC on the stage. It is a research that was born on stage, in the process of learning how to do Lighting Design with an anti racist approach, understanding every individual on stage to be respected on their plurality, with their own stories to tell. The research has its on website explaining more about the project and its complexities.


Master thesis: culture, light and latitudes: A comparative study of lighting conditions and habits in Berlin, Brasília and Copenhagen

The research I have developed for my master was a comparison between the lighting conditions of Brasília, Copenhagen and Berlin, passing through concepts from phenomenology in the description of the lighting of the tree cities, observing the light from a poetic perspective.

From this analysis a comparison between the lighting habits on the tree cities could be explored, understanding how people make lighting in their houses, seeing lighting as a cultural habit.


Set Design: Laboratório Transdisciplinar de Cenografia (Transdisciplinary Scenography Lab)

From 2011 to 2015 I have worked on a continuous research group, that elaborates studies in different fields of the visual elements of the scene. Through out those years, I have worked, always collectively, on experimenting how visuality can have its own narratives, and how performance can be fully understood and created from the back stage.

With this group we developed an unified representation of the Brazilian Schools at the Prague Quadrennial, developing the whole work of gathering information about all the schools, making a open call, presenting the projects in an exhibition in Brasília, and bringing them to Prague, representing Brazil at the Prague Quadrennial.

Photographer: Tuca Paoli
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