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Raquel Rosildete


Raquel Rosildete is an architect and lighting designer. She has spent the last decade considering how light and its presence in space influence human life, both on a societal and an individual level. Raquel is primarily a visual story teller, and her medium is light and space.

She has worked with architecture, architecture lighting, theater, exhibitions, events and urban interventions.  In each, she has maintained a common thread, a sensitive approach to light, skirting the boundaries between the technical and the artistic.


She has not only worked in different areas but also different countries and working cultures. That experience led her to good communications skills and to the ability to work in teams with different personalities. That also led her to learn how to improvise in the most unexpected situations and to learn new software and new systems as a daily task. The life between offices, setups, research rooms and libraries made her able to simultaneously balance the practical and poetic approach and manage projects from the most conceptual phases until the finest details on the construction site.




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