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HAU Hebbel am Ufer (HAU2), Hallesches Ufer, Berlin, Germany

In a maze developed with grupo 8 and the choreographer Ricardo de Paula, we passed through a process of discovering and going deep into the labyrinths of the human Physique in our times. The battles inside our minds in isolation and the only possible healing as a collective process were shared on the stage. The space was the room for a healing ritual, at the same time that it was hosting the journey of the performers in their way to find a common path through mental health. The lighting concept invited the audience to pass through a journey of limitation and confinement, crossing through rivers and flows, reflections and visual illusions with mirrors, in a voyage in which magic was always present through the light and reality could be as fantastic as our imagination can create.

Photographer: Tuca Paoli and Tito Casal
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